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UK Second Biggest EU Immigration Destination in 2008

Recently the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) recently said that it is unlikely that UK Immigration figures will show a significant drop in 2010. The think tank predicted that Immigration figures for 2011 will probably not fall below 200,000+; the level at which Immigration has been at for the past decade. Although the Coalition […]

UK Still Keen to Attract New Zealand Nationals

Mr Hague, who was accompanied on the trip by the Defence Secretary, Liam Fox, said that \”We have to be firm but fair on immigration, but I don\’t think the new rules will unduly affect the number of people coming in from New Zealand into the UK, and I\’d be worried if they did so. […]

EU Pushing Ahead with ‘Blue Card’ Visa

What is the EU Blue Card? The EU Blue Card will allow highly skilled migrants (and their families) to live and work in the European Union for an initial period of two years. Beyond that time migrants will be able to extend the visa so long as they satisfy certain criteria. Those granted a Blue […]

UK Economy Contracts by 0.5% in final quarter of 2010

The Chief Executive of the Recruitment & Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, said that “The economy is still predicted to grow by just over two per cent during 2011 but while this won\’t drive huge job creation, it will be enough for the jobs market to remain positive. However this does clearly show that the Government […]

Outgoing CBI Chief attacks Government Policies including the Immigration Cap

In an article with the Spectator, Mr Lambert said “The government is talking about growth in an enthusiastic and thoughtful way, but it has failed so far to articulate in big picture terms its vision of what that means. What I feel is that a number of their initiatives – I’m thinking of the immigration […]

MPs told by NHS; ‘We have no solution to midwife shortages’

Sir David Nicholson told the committee that there is indeed a requirement for 4,500 extra midwives but denied the service was in crisis. When asked how long it would take the fill the gap, he responded “I think we’re working through what that means at the moment. I don’t think we’ve concluded how we can […]

Unions reject NHS Employers pay freeze proposals

Last week, in an open letter to the British press 12 National Health Service (NHS) bosses backed the plans which could be brought in by creating a new National Framework Agreement (NFA) which, once agreed locally, would allow the National Health Service to freeze wages. In the letter the bosses said that “Although the National […]

Irish Emigration makes reducing UK Net Migration even more difficult

The report found that: 60,000 people left Ireland between April 2009 and April 2010 40,000 people are expected to emigrate between April 2010 and April 2011 24,000 people emigrated to Australia 11,000 people emigrated to the United Kingdom 4,444 people emigrated to New Zealand 3,462 people emigrate to Canada 1,700 people emigrated to the United […]

CIPD Forecasts expects job market to weaken in 2011

The Chief Economic Advisor at the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, John Philpott, said that “2011 will be a ‘fingers crossed’ year for the economy and jobs. If all goes well and the unexpectedly strong progress made in 2010 is sustained, the jobs market will be able to cope with the impact of the […]

Reed Job Index shows fall in December 2010

The Managing Director of, Martin Warnes, said that \”There are grounds for cautious optimism about new job prospects in 2011. Rising private sector demand has been enough to create year-on-year growth in spite of steep falls in new public sector jobs. Job sectors as different as consultancy, marketing, banking and engineering have experienced accelerating […]