Outgoing CBI Chief attacks Government Policies including the Immigration Cap

In an article with the Spectator, Mr Lambert said “The government is talking about growth in an enthusiastic and thoughtful way, but it has failed so far to articulate in big picture terms its vision of what that means. What I feel is that a number of their initiatives – I’m thinking of the immigration cap, I’m thinking about their move on the default retirement age, about the carbon reduction commitment – have actually made it harder for companies, or less likely for companies to employ people. And what we want, actually, is a sense of direction, a sense of ambition. It’s a common refrain.

Recently the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, said that the Coalition Governments plans to introduce the immigration cap in April will harm Britain’s economy and make the country uncompetitive. April will see not only the introduction of the Immigration Cap but also the scrapping of the highly popular Tier 1 General visa, which is designed for highly skilled non EEA professionals.

Mr Johnson said that \”There is a risk that the necessity of putting up a public show of rhetoric will do possible damage to London\’s competitiveness. I think there is a case for flexibility and I think the government understands that.\” Many UK businesses have criticized the Immigration Cap proposals, with significant concerns registered over the implications the controversial policy will have on the economic recovery.

And earlier in the week the Managing Director of Hays Healthcare (a leading UK Recruitment Agency) told the Daily Telegraph that “it is already very apparent that there is a shortage of workers with the necessary skills (Doctors, Nurses & Specialists such as Radiologists & Anaesthetists). Skilled health care workers move globally and the UK’s loss will be other countries’ gain.”

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