Irish Emigration makes reducing UK Net Migration even more difficult

The report found that:

  • 60,000 people left Ireland between April 2009 and April 2010
  • 40,000 people are expected to emigrate between April 2010 and April 2011
  • 24,000 people emigrated to Australia
  • 11,000 people emigrated to the United Kingdom
  • 4,444 people emigrated to New Zealand
  • 3,462 people emigrate to Canada
  • 1,700 people emigrated to the United States
  • 600 people emigrated to Germany

Net Migration Figures not expected to drop significantly according to the IPPR

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) recently said that it is unlikely that UK Immigration figures will show a significant drop in 2010. The think tank predicted that Immigration figures for 2011 will probably not fall below 200,000; the level at which Immigration has been at for the past decade. Although the Coalition Government has made sweeping changes to the UK Immigration System (including the introduction of the Immigration Cap and the highly controversial scrapping of the Tier 1 General route for highly skilled workers) many believe that these policies will not have a significant effect on net migration figures (which are affected more by migration within the European Economic Area).

The IPPR said that its forecast for 2011 was based on:

  • The UK economy continuing to perform better that Eurozone countries including Spain, Portugal and Greece, AND
  • An influx of people coming to the UK from Ireland. Some forecasts have hinted that the UK could see an influx of some 120,000 Irish nationals who are expected to seek pastures new following recent economic turmoil (however so far figures do not back up this prediction).

The IPPR Director, Nick Pearce, said that “A sharp drop in immigration is unlikely to happen in 2011 on current trends, so ministers must be careful to manage down public expectations. The cap on skilled migration from outside the EU, which the government has already been put in place, could hurt the economic recovery. Other hasty measures to reduce numbers artificially would be even more damaging. Bringing down the level of immigration, which has been high in recent years, is a legitimate policy goal. But this should be done by making long term and sustainable reforms to the structure of our economy and labour market.”

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