Scotland calls for separate Immigration Cap

In the letter Business leaders and industry organizations in Scotland said that “A limit on net non-European Economic Area (EEA) migration to bring it to the level of \’tens of thousands a year\’ is likely to impede Scotland\’s economic recovery and distort the labour market. We are deeply concerned that the annual limit will have a negative effect across various sectors including those which are key to the Scottish economy. If Scotland cannot continue to attract business investment due to a lack of available skills then our economy will suffer. In such cases access to an adequate supply of skilled migrants will remain essential. We need a flexible approach to be taken to the implementation of the annual limit in Scotland, otherwise there will potential negative effects for our businesses, our labour market and our economy.\” The letter was signed by influential organizations including NHS Scotland, the Scottish Chamber of Commerce, the Institute of Directors in Scotland, the Federation of Small Businesses, Cosla, STUC, Universities Scotland and the Scottish Social Services Council.

Recently the Recruitment and Employment Confederation said that \”Immigration is a complex and sensitive issue. The REC has consistently underlined the need to reflect labour market needs and argued that any cap would need to be reviewed regularly. The migration cap still causes real concerns in high-end sectors as well as in areas such as care where we risk a direct impact on staffing levels and front line services. Of course, we must do everything possible to up-skill the UK workforce but this will not happen overnight. Looking ahead, recruitment professionals in the front line of the jobs market will have a key role to play in highlighting ongoing areas of skills shortages. We recognise the importance of international mobility for employers. ICTs have an important role to play and cutting this facility would be a major disincentive for global businesses to set up in the UK. At the same, we need to make sure that there are clear criteria and that these are properly enforced. The REC is committed to working constructively with the Home Office on this issue.’’

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