REC & Government meet to discuss AWR

Commenting on the discussions, Kevin Green, the Chief Executive of the REC said that \”We were delighted that the Minister accepted our invitation to visit the REC office and meet some of our members. The meeting was significant on both a symbolic and a practical level. There is a genuine desire to engage with the industry and we will continue to take the views and concerns of our members to the highest levels of Government.”

Earlier in the year the Professional Contractors Group (PCG) called for the Government to ensure that the Agency Worker Regulations (AWR) were clear and straightforward with regards to self employed contractors and encouraged the Government to work with key industry bodies, such as the REC. The Government said earlier in the year that it would not seek to amend the controversial legislation. The Managing Director of the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), John Brazier, said at the time that \”The Agency Worker Regulations already exempt contractors working through their own limited companies and the genuinely self-employed. In our view this needs to be made as unambiguous as possible in the accompanying guidance. No room must be left for misinterpretation otherwise PCG members could find themselves mistakenly bound by protections they do not need or want. If this were to happen it could seriously impact their capacity to provide the flexibility that clients depend on. It is disappointing the Trade Union Congress were not amenable to changing the regulations to make them fairer for businesses and to enable the growth that is so desperately needed today in the UK. We now have to focus on developing the best possible guidance.\”

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