Tier 1 Immigration Cap Reached For October

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has announced that is has reached the interim Immigration Cap for the month of October and no more visas will be issued to overseas applicants under Tier 1 General until the limit allocation reopens once more on Monday the 1st November 2010. If you are applying from outside of the UK you can still submit a Tier 1 General application during the current period however the visa will not be issued until the limit reopens once more. If you are applying from inside of the UK for a Tier 1 extension or to switch into Tier 1 General from another UK immigration category you will not be affected by the interim limit. How does the Temporary Immigration Cap work? The UK Border Agency operates the system on a first come first served basis with a limit placed on the number of Tier 1 General Visa applications considered in any one month. If an application is submitted after the limit for a month is reached, the application is held and considered in the following months limit. Applications continue to be accepted during the period in which the limit has been reached; however the UK Border Agency will not process an application until the next month. Applications are held in a queue by order of the date in which they are received. Applications in the queue are processed when the following month’s limit is open. If application numbers look as though they will exceed the total limit for the whole of the interim period, the UKBA will notify the individual at the time of application. What Subcategories of Tier 1 does the Immigration Cap relate to? The Temporary Immigration Cap relates to out of country Tier 1 General Visa applications only. If you are already in the UK and you wish to submit a Tier 1 extension application you will not have to worry about:

  1. The Immigration Cap, this will not apply to you, OR
  2. The Increase in Tier 1 General Points. You will not have to gain 100 points rather than 95 points to qualify

The other subcategories of Tier 1 will be excluded from the limit, namely; Investor, Entrepreneur & Post Study Worker (see below). In 2009 there were only around 1,000 Investor & Entrepreneur Visa applications and the Government believe that applicants make such a contribution to the UK that they should be excluded. Although the Post Study Work subcategory of Tier 1 has been excluded for the moment it remains to be seen whether this will be the case in April when the permanent cap is introduced. Commonwealth Contractors Commonwealth Contractors is a collection of highly skilled professionals from the Commonwealth and beyond. We partner with OISC Registered Immigration Partners capable of professionally representing a Tier 1 Visa Application / Extension and Tier 2 Licensed Consultancy & Associated Trust Partners who may be prepared, where required, to sponsor a doctor on a Tier 2 Visa (formerly UK Work Permit). To find out more call Commonwealth Contractors now on 0330 390 9021 or Submit your Details and we will get back to you. Please be prepared to send a copy of a recent CV so that we can pass to interested partners.