Doctors Must Be At The Heart Of NHS Reforms Say The British Medical Association

Nigel Watson, the GPC commissioning and service development subcommittee chair said that “The abolition of PCTs is something that they did not see coming. There is a real risk that in the transitional phase until 2013 all the good managers will go off and find other jobs. We need to work with the Department of Health and government and say: “What do you want to achieve? How can we make this work? Funding general practice is separate from the commissioning budget within a GP commissioning group. Some of our concerns have been answered but there are still a lot of unanswered questions.’

Mark Porter, the BMA central consultants and specialist committee chair said “The BMA has expressed a great deal of unhappiness about the way commissioning is done for years. We now have an opportunity. I genuinely think we should try to make it work. Given that there are a lot of elements in this we have been asking for, we should try and make sure we can take advantage of this opportunity and make care better for patients.’

NHS Reforms detailed in the Governments new White Paper

If the reforms detailed in the Governments new White Paper are fully implemented we will see:

  • All 10 Strategic Health Authorities (SHAs) abolished
  • All 152 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) abolished
  • Patients given more performance related information by a new body called HealthWatch
  • All NHS Trusts achieve Foundation Status by 2013
  • General Practitioners (GPs) given responsibility for managing hospital, mental health & community services
  • Patients given control of their Medical Records

The proposed reforms have been said to represent the biggest shake up to the National Health Service since its creation. The proposed changes will not be easy as the NHS is said to be the biggest employer in Europe and the third biggest in the world after Walmart and the Chinese Railway.

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