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Tier 1 General (HSMP) Immigration Cap. Possible Effects & Changes To Tier 1 General in 2010/2011

Immediate Immigration Cap effects on Tier 1 General (HSMP) The Home Secretary, Theresa May, is expected to announce a 24,100 temporary Immigration Cap tomorrow on workers (there has been no mention of students under Tier 4 so far). Although this limit grabs headlines and signals intent from the new Conservative / Liberal Democrat Government it […]

Correction, Immigration Cap To Be Introduced By UK Coalition Government Next Month!

The visa qualification requirements for Tier 1 General are expected to be increased from next month with details to be released by the UK Border Agency shortly. If you are considering applying under Tier 1 General do it now otherwise you may not be able to do it at all. Effect of the UK Immigration […]

UK Immigration Cap Rethink By Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government?

IMPORTANT UPDATE TO THIS STORY – UK IMMIGRATION CAP TO BE INTRODUCED NEXT MONTH. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The Financial Times today announced that the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government will launch a consultation on the proposed UK Immigration Cap, after warnings from business leaders that a rigid Immigration Cap policy could seriously […]

UK Doctor Shortage Worsened By UK Immigration Rules

In 2006 the criteria surrounding the approval of Highly Skilled Migrant Programme Visas (HSMPs), now Tier 1 General of the Points Based System, were increased and this left many skilled International Doctors unable to qualify for a UK work visa. The tightening of the requirements of the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) also increased pressure […]

New UKBA Visa English Language Requirement For Partners

In order to satisfy the new English Language Requirement and gain a UK Visa an individual will need to pass an acceptable English Language test with one of the UK Border Agencies authorized test providers. That is unless the individual comes from a majority English Speaking Country, in which case the individual can provide a […]

UK Immigration Statistics Reveal Increase In Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas (UK Working Holiday)

The latest UK Immigration Statistics reveal a significant increase in the number of Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas (UK Working Holiday Visas) approved in Australia and New Zealand in 2010 when compared to Tier 5 Youth Mobility UK Immigration Statistics compiled during the recession. Between October 2009 at February 2010 Australian Tier 5 Youth Mobility […]

Emergency Budget Impact On Contractors

IR35 Review As expected IR35 (otherwise known as Intermediaries Legislation) will be reviewed as part of a wider review of small business taxation. Prior the formation of the Coalition Government the Conservatives announced plans to review the legislation in a letter to the Professional Contractors Group (PCG). Details are expected to be released in the […]

New Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor Guidance Released

The UK Border Agency has released a new application form and guidance document for the Tier 4 Highly Trusted Sponsor Scheme. The changes “clarify some of the questions that the sector has raised around required information and reflects changes to the current operation procedures”. The Highly Trusted Sponsor Scheme, which was rolled out under Tier […]