UK Immigration Cap Rethink By Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government?


The Financial Times today announced that the Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government will launch a consultation on the proposed UK Immigration Cap, after warnings from business leaders that a rigid Immigration Cap policy could seriously damage the Economy. An Immigration Cap in the UK was one of the Conservatives flagship polices during the General Election, something that both the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats fought against, however the policy proved to be a real vote winner with the electorate. If an Immigration Cap is introduced it is likely to hit Tier 1 General (HSMP) & Tier 2 General (UK Work Permit) the hardest, and therefore UK Businesses desperately in need of skilled Healthcare & Engineering professionals in particular.


Immigration Cap Consultation

The Immigration Cap Consultation will be launched next week by the Home Secretary, Theresa May, in an effort to make the policy more business friendly. Two senior Conservatives, Michael Gove (Schools Secretary) & David Willetts (Universities Secretary) are said to be among those pushing for a rethink. However, Conservative Party backbenchers are solidly behind the Immigration Cap proposed in the Conservative Party manifesto and the Coalition Agreement, according to Julian Brazier, a member of the Commons all-party group on Immigration.

Effect of the UK Immigration Cap

Any UK Immigration Cap is sure to have a significant effect on the number of skilled workers (under Tier 2 of the Points Based System) and highly skilled workers (under Tier 1) migrating to the UK from outside the European Economic Area. The Government is unable to restrict the number of migrants coming to the UK from other areas of the European Union, which just leaves Students under Tier 4 as the other big UK Immigration area. However, it is unlikely Tier 4 will be seriously restricted as foreign students contribute massive amounts of funds to UK Universities & Colleges and the vast majority return home after completing a course of study.

The UK Healthcare system is already encountering massive skill shortages, which have worsened since tighter UK Immigration polices were introduced in 2006 and hours worked by Doctors were capped under the European Working Time Directive (EWTD). Many Medical Practitioner roles are already detailed on the UKBA’s Shortage Occupation list and the situation is causing wards to go understaffed and hospitals to close departments. Recently the Victoria Hospital in Kirkcaldy closed its Accident and Emergency Department due to a Doctors Shortage. Many other NHS Trusts may have to go the same way if a solution is not found soon.

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