Permanent Immigration Cap Likely To Be Watered Down According To Chartered Institute Of Personnel & Development (CIPD)

The Chief Economist at the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), John Philpott, said that \”I think there will be a compromise with a limit on the numbers of immigrants coming in, but with the cap as not much more than a flexed points system, which is stricter in certain categories but has the flexibility to fit in more of the highly skilled workforce. Bad companies who have used immigration to avoid investing in people in this country may have bigger problems. The positive thing is they may respond by training more home-grown staff.\”

The comments follow an interview by Sky News with the Director General of the British Chamber of Commerce, David Frost, in which Mr Frost said that “We need to be careful that at a time when we need to get all the growth we can in the UK economy that we remember the needs of British business. The City for example relies on a pool of global talent; specialist engineering companies working in the North Sea, those vital new science and innovation companies all rely on getting their employees from across the globe. We can’t stop that. We need to look at the whole picture and of course what is happening is, because many of the local employees don’t have the skills, don’t have the work ethic, then of course businesses are turning to Eastern European migrants and you can’t reform migration without reforming the benefits system. Too many companies report through to me that they offer the job to the local person but they say ‘It’s not worth it – I get more money on benefit’ and therefore immigration has got to be tackled hand and hand with welfare reform.”

On Monday the Coalition Government announced a temporary Immigration Cap that will reduce visa approvals under Tier 1 General & Tier 2 General by 5% based on last years figures. The temporary Immigration Cap is a short term measure that will be in place until the permanent Immigration Cap is introduced in April 2011.

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