43% Of Brits Would Use E-Voting

The Director of Public Sector at Virgin Media Business, Lee Hull, said that “All the signs are that voter engagement with MPs and the electoral process is suffering. Technology looks like it could be critical in helping to ignite more interest from the public. The absence of an e-voting system is ironic when you think how many people will schedule a visit to the polling station in their digital calendars, and check their emails, texts and Facebook while they’re queuing to vote.”

In the coming years technology is expected to encourage far greater communication between MPs and communities. Voters are already seeking better ways to communicate with officials via new social media sites which are springing up all of the time. The General Election of 2010 will be remembered as the first to embrace live television debates however it may also serve to lay the foundations for greater use of political electronic communication. The main political parties are keen to develop their electronic communication methods alongside traditional electioneering and promote greater political debate through new methods.

On electronic communication Mr Hull went on to say that “the 2010 E-Politics Study shows that voters are crying out for more direct, personal communication from their MPs at a time when numbers at the polling booths continue to fall. MPs need to combine traditional campaigning methods with web presence, mobile applications and social media in order to be sure of effectively communicating with all citizens. This multi-channel approach is going to be the most successful way of getting their message out to the public and winning votes.”

The General Election is due to take place on May 5th with opinion polls currently predicting a Conservative Party victory. Currently David Cameron leads Nick Clegg and Gordon Brown narrowly in the race to become the next Prime Minister. UK Immigration policy may change significantly with a new Government, especially if the Conservatives are successful next week.

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