New REC Public Sector Resourcing Campaign

With at least a partial economic recovery now underway in the United Kingdom it is only a question of time before public sector expenditure is cut by the Government. The Conservatives have said that they will tackle the black hole sooner rather than later, meaning that if they successfully win the next General Election expenditure could be cut sharply. This has led the REC to begin a campaign aimed at convincing the ‘major political parties and public sector organisations that reform, rather than random cuts, is what’s needed in response to the public sector expenditure crisis’.

In a statement the Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, said that “A new approach to public sector resourcing is urgently needed. If new and workable methods aren’t implemented, short-term cost reductions will severely hamper the delivery of public services. Flexible resourcing must be seen as part of the solution rather than part of the problem.”

The REC is calling for:

  • Creative solutions to reduce the cost of back office functions: In the last few years a number of Government Departments have been combined to achieve cost savings, especially related to costly back office functions.
  • Improved Procurement
  • A review of the cost of employment in the Public Sector e.g. addressing the pressing issue of public sector pensions

The group says that the recruitment industry is ‘well placed to help the public sector by:

  • Maximising top talent
  • Assisting the public sector in resourcing more effectively
  • Providing a flexible workforce
  • Outsourcing recruitment to the private sector

In the public medical sector the NHS has become reliant upon specialist agencies to deliver locum Doctors, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals etc. These specialist agencies play a crucial role in helping the NHS maintain a flexible workforce and continue to plug gaps in hospital rotas. They ensure ‘top talent’ is secured and help hospitals to resource more effectively.

Commonwealth Contractors

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