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The next few years are expected to see many more high profile organisations migrate to cloud based technologies including Google Apps and (a Cloud based enterprise Customer Relationship Management tool). At the moment many organisations are seeking to reduce overheads and improve Information Technology capabilities. Cloud based computing models offer companies a straightforward and cost effective way to achieve these goals without significant complexity. Office packages and communication services are expected to see the biggest shift in the next few years due to their relative simplicity to deliver.

However, in order for take up to be improved organisations such as Google will have to improve the functionality of applications such as Google Docs, which offers relatively basic word processor, spreadsheet, slide show capabilities etc. Users will continue to favour more advanced desktop applications such as Microsoft Office until such time as functionality can be improved.

Google Apps provides Businesses with Services including:

  • Gmail for Business: Gmail for Business offers 25 GB of storage per user, reciprocal Blackberry and Outlook capabilities, powerful spam filtering, Instant Messaging, voice and video chat etc. Enterprise level email communications systems are the most likely to be outsourced to a dedicated provider at present
  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar allows users to overlay multiple calendars to see when people are available and is fully integrated with Gmail. The application also offers Shared Calendars, Blackberry and iPhone access, Calendar publishing capabilities etc
  • Google Docs: Google Docs provides users with online word processor, spreadsheet, slide show and PDF capabilities. Users can work on shared files at the same time anywhere in the world.
  • Google Groups: Allows users to share documents, calendars, folders, videos etc
  • Google Sites: Allows users to centralise documents, spreadsheets, videos, slide shows etc
  • Google Video: Allows users to share video files between users (e.g. in house training videos)

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