New 5 year Crime and Law Enforcement Strategy

Border & Immigration Minister, Phil Woolas said “The agency is the UK\’s first line of defence against criminals, smugglers and illegal immigrants. Protecting the public lies at the heart of what we do. Combating border and immigration crime, such as drugs smuggling and large-scale facilitation of illegal entry, is a core part of that role. We can be proud of our achievements, but in this new strategy we are positioning ourselves to tackle these crimes more coherently and effectively. We are already actively working with law enforcement partners, particularly in pilot areas in the North West and the Midlands. It is only through collaboration that we can deploy the necessary variety of approaches to intervene and reduce the harm caused by organised crime.”

The Four Main Objectives

The new strategy will be delivered under four main objectives:

  • To Deter: Strengthening UK resilience against immigration and cross border crime. The UKBA will:
    • Use international media to promote enforcement and detection success in the UK
    • Enhance customer information overseas including publishing guidance for vulnerable groups
    • Use the global Risk and Liaison Overseas Network (RALON) to ensure the wider prevention messages
    • Use local immigration teams to gather local knowledge and deter non compliance with immigration rules
  • To Disrupt: Breaking up criminal activities and organised criminal groups. The UKBA will:
    • Use RALON’s analytical capability to identify and disrupt immigration and border crime
    • Establish an international crime liaison function to increase disruption of immigration & smuggling groups
    • Mentor and train host agencies to stem the flow of drugs through international ports and airports
    • Work with the HMRC to improve detection of illicit tobacco
  • To Detect: Identify and locate those responsible for criminal activity and the smuggling of illicit goods. The UKBA will:
    • Use the latest equipment to screen vehicles and containers for people at the point of entry
    • Continue to invest in the Freight Targeting System (FTS)
    • Continue to invest in e-Borders so that 100% of passenger and crew movements can be screened by 2014
    • Share e-Borders data with partner agencies
    • Check every passenger against the European Schengen Information System (SIS II) via e-Borders
    • Launch in 2010 the National Border Targeting Centre which will become a central hub for the analysis of data on traffic moving to or from the UK (using e-Borders, FTS and other information sources).
  • To Deal: Taking action against those engaged in all levels of criminal or non-compliant activity. The UKBA will:
    • Spend more time with migrants whose removal is being actively pursued
    • Require migrants on restrictions to report on an irregular pattern so it becomes harder to work illegally
    • Increase the number of criminality checks made on foreign nationals before and after entry

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