Junior Doctors given iDoc™to aid in Training

£500,000 has been invested in the two year trial by the Deanery for Wales, with the hope being that the devices will help trainee’s access medical information more quickly and provide them with better equipment to treat patients. A greater roll out may be undertaken if the trail proves successful.

What is the iDoc?

The iDoc is a smartphone device with a micro SD card which contains 20 leading medical textbooks including Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy and the Oxford Handbook of the Foundation Year. All books can be rapidly searched using an electronic search tool that is integrated with the Medhand application on the SD card. Training for the device will be provided via the Wales Deanery website.

What is the Cost?

In order to receive an iDoc a Foundation Year 1 Doctor must pay £90 to cover insurance on the phone for two years. The only other charges that may be applied are for phone calls made through the ‘Three Mobile’ telephone network. At £90 for two years Doctors should save money in the long run as textbooks cost anywhere from £15 to £50 each.

Publications available on the iDoc

The following medical textbooks will be available on the iDoc:

  • BNF
  • Chemical Laboratory references
  • ICD 10 Classifications
  • NICE guidelines
  • OPCS IV Classifications
  • Stedman\’s Medical Dictionary
  • Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Medicine
  • Oxford Handbook of Surgery
  • Cochrane Abstracts
  • Register of Patient Organisations in the UK
  • Stockley\’s Interactions
  • Clinical Evidence
  • Harrisons Manual of Medicine
  • Oxford Handbook of the Foundation Year
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Laboratory Investigations
  • Oxford Handbook of Clinical Specialties

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