UK Out of Recession

In recent months figures relating to the recruitment of permanent and temporary staff have been very positive, especially in Banking and Retail, two of the worst hit sectors during the downturn. Over the past 18 months many large companies have put on hold large scale IT projects however the increased confidence that has been seen in the last few months has encouraged many to relax controls and proceed once more. Hopefully the news that the UK has emerged from recession will encourage other organisations to drive ahead once more with much needed development projects.

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), a respected industry body, employer confidence has started to rise with ‘one in five businesses planning to increase their permanent workforce over the coming year and a huge majority (90% +) not intending to carry out any more cuts’. Roger Tweedy, the REC’s Director of Research said that “The UK jobs market has shown positive signs of recovery for several months and today\’s news will further boost employer confidence. It is also likely that this will lead to some fluidity returning to the labour market as more workers currently in employment feel confident enough to look at new opportunities. However, we need to be realistic about how quickly the economy is likely to grow. The road back towards full employment will be slow and we will need to enhance practical support for job-seekers in what will remain a competitive labour market. The Government must also focus on practical measures for helping business grow in order to further stimulate demand for staff.”

However, David Kern, Chief Economist at the British Chamber of Commerce has described the figures as ‘disappointing’ and ‘well below most analysts projections’. Mr Kern said ‘The main aim now must be to ensure that the modest recovery consolidates and slowly gathers momentum. It is critical for both the government and the Monetary Policy Committee to pursue policies that make it possible for business to invest and export. Regulatory burdens must be removed wherever possible, and access to finance improved. A double-dip recession must be avoided at all costs.”

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