Declaration on Immigration

In the self proclaimed ‘ground breaking’ declaration the group called on the major parties to ‘make manifesto commitments to take action to prevent the UK population from reaching 70 million in under 20 years (currently the population stands at 61.4 million). For the first time, a large number of Parliamentarians from both major parties together with distinguished Cross Bench Peers have come together to publicly urge Gordon Brown and David Cameron to place in this year’s party election manifestos a firm commitment to do what is necessary to prevent our population reaching 70 million by 2029.’

Key Points of the Declaration:

  • Official projections show that UK population will increase from 61.4 million in 2008 to 70 million by 2029
  • Over the next 25 years population will increase by 10 million people, nearly all of which will be in England
  • 70% (7 million people) of the increase will be due to immigration
  • Significant strain will be placed on public services e.g. the National Health Service
  • A major enquiry by the Economic Affairs Committee of the House of Lords found no evidence that net immigration generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population
  • The latest household projections show that nearly 40% of new households to be formed by 2031 will be the result of immigration


  • Tier 1 Recommendations: Recently the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recommended to the Government that the minimum educational requirement for Tier 1 General should be reduced from a Masters Degree to a Bachelors Degree. Historically the minimum educational requirement for Tier 1 General (former the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme) has been a Bachelors Degree however the requirements were increased in April 2009 following the economic downturn. It may now be difficult for the Labour Government to agree with the recommendations and reduce the requirements with a General Election on the horizon.
  • Earned Citizenship: The declaration states a need to ‘break the present almost automatic link between coming to Britain and later gaining citizenship, and thus take a range of further measures to limit the growth in our population’. Earned Citizenship, due to be implemented in July 2011 will make it more difficult to gain Permanent Residence or UK Citizenship, however exact details have yet to be published. The declaration may encourage policy makers to increase the requirements and make it more difficult for migrants to qualify
  • Working Population: The UK’s population is ageing quickly due mainly to the retirement of the ‘baby boomer’ generation. In order to avoid issues the working population must at least remain the same if not increase, therefore either new migrant workers are required or the Government extends the age at which individuals can retire and claim a state pension.

Signatories to the Declaration on Population:

  • Rt Hon. Frank Field MP
  • The Hon. Nicholas Soames MP
  • The Lord Jordan CBE
  • Daniel Kawczynski MP
  • Rt Hon. Michael Ancram QC MP
  • Peter Bottomley MP
  • Christopher Chope MP
  • Roger Godsiff MP
  • John Horam MP
  • Robert Key MP
  • Peter Kilfoyle MP
  • Rt Hon. the Lord Anderson of Swansea
  • Rt Hon. the Baroness Boothroyd OM
  • Rt Rev. and Rt Hon. the Lord Carey of Clifton
  • The Baroness Cox
  • Rt Hon. the Earl Ferrers DL
  • The Lord Leach of Fairford
  • Professor the Lord Skidelsky
  • The Lord Vinson LVO DL
  • Hazhir Teimourian


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