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Tier 1 Overview – High Value Individuals

Are you a ‘high value individual’? Are you looking to work as a professional Consultant in the UK? Or maybe you’re interested in becoming an entrepreneur and setting up a new business? Whatever your area of interest Commonwealth Contractors can help! Tier 1 has been designed for the so called ‘high value individuals’. Those that […]

UK opens its doors for exceptional talent

Aiming to remain a competitive force around the world the government has decided to encourage exceptionally talented leaders from science, humanities, engineering and the arts fields to come to the UK in order to maintain excellence. A new Tier 1 category- Exceptional Talent- will open on 9 August 2011 available to those who have been […]

Tier 1 Application Limit Reached for December 2010

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has announced that theTier 1 application limit (Immigration cap) for December 2010 has now been reached and no more applications will be processed until January 2011. If you are considering applying under Tier 1 General your last chance to apply may be in January 2011 as (1) Tier 1 General […]

Tier 1 Immigration Cap Reached For October

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) has announced that is has reached the interim Immigration Cap for the month of October and no more visas will be issued to overseas applicants under Tier 1 General until the limit allocation reopens once more on Monday the 1st November 2010. If you are applying from outside of the […]

Changes To Tier 1 In 2010

The Points Based System (PBS) is a flexible tool for controlling migration to the UK. It allows changes to be made based upon the circumstances of the day e.g. changing economic circumstances. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) recently completed its review of Tier 1 and recommended the following changes to the UK Border Agency for […]