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Samsung Job Creation may drive demand for cutting edge Software Engineers

The Managing Director of Vertex Solutions, Mark Beard, told The Recruiter “There is a lot of competition in the slate marketplace where Apple’s iPad is dominant. Twenty-five thousand is a huge number. If they were looking to do that in Europe, it would be very challenging and nigh on possible without making an acquisition. A […]

Milestones for radical new PAYE system announced

Earlier in the year the Coalition Government conducted a consultation into radical plans to modernise the Pay as You Earn (PAYE) scheme and save substantial amounts in annual operation costs. The PAYE scheme currently costs the Government £1 Billion per year to administer however the new Government does not believe that this represents good value […]

Employees to communicate through Social Networks not email in the future says Gartner

The Research Vice President at Gartner, Monica Basso, said that “In the past, organisations supported collaboration through email and highly structured applications only. Today, social paradigms are converging with email, instant messaging and presence, creating new collaboration styles. Technology is only an enabler; while changes in culture are essential to widespread adoption”. However in order […]

Spending Cuts may be achieved through Out-souring or back office consolidation

Sarah Burnett, a senior analyst at Ovum, said that \”Demand for off-shoring will grow as a result of the government\’s negotiations with existing IT suppliers to deliver the same for less. Off-shoring is one way for suppliers to deliver the requisite cuts in prices.\” The Director at Burnt Oak Partners, Robert Morgan, said that “off-shoring […]

HMRC to achieve 15% savings through smarter Information Technology

The Director of Information Technology at the HM Revenue and Customs recently said that \”It does not matter who you give the services to, the IT department will still retain accountability. This is a significant task to undertake. But organisations like HMRC and DWP are committed to doing this. We are in a situation where […]

Transport for London to let commuters use contactless payments

The Mayor’s transport advisor, Kulveer Ranger, said that \”These technologies have the potential to take us into a world where travelling around London can be easier and even more convenient for passengers. This technology is now maturing and could enable people to pay for their travel using credit or debit cards – resulting in a […]

International IT Service Firms encouraged to bid for Public Sector Contracts

In an interview with Computer Weekly he said that \”As far as we are concerned, the more suppliers bidding for government work, creates a positive, vibrant, innovative IT community and that is what we ought to promote. I spend a lot of time with our Indian colleagues, they are hugely talented and I encourage them […]

£800 Million To Be Saved In Government Outsourcing & IT Supply Contracts

The new Conservative / Liberal Democrat Coalition Government has been making every effort to cut back on expensive IT development projects in an effort to slash spending and curb the deficit. However, it is also expected to offer new large scale projects to top suppliers in the future as it looks to drive its change […]