Samsung Job Creation may drive demand for cutting edge Software Engineers

The Managing Director of Vertex Solutions, Mark Beard, told The Recruiter “There is a lot of competition in the slate marketplace where Apple’s iPad is dominant. Twenty-five thousand is a huge number. If they were looking to do that in Europe, it would be very challenging and nigh on possible without making an acquisition. A lot of that talent will be software engineers; the war for that skillset is returning. That is a global war and it will be a big task for Samsung. A lot of companies have done a lot more in-house recruitment and direct recruitment during the downturn with more access to active candidates. Clients will need to continue to invest in their in-house recruitment to develop more proactive methods of candidate generation. I think there will be a more of a reliance of specific niche recruiters that know the marketplace and can reach the talent not in the public domain. You need to apply some relatively sophisticated techniques to reach these candidates, which niche recruiters are skilled at doing.”

This week has also seen the new research from the Sector Skills Council for Business and Information Technology that has revealed that the number of Information Technology jobs in the UK is set to grow by 2.19% per year; a growth rate of almost five times the UK average. The councils report, titled ‘Technology Insights 2011’, predicts that in 2011 alone the Information and Technology Industry will require 110,000 new candidates to satisfy rapidly increasing demand.

The report predicts that more that 50% of new candidates will move from other occupations, 17% will be new job seekers making the move directly from education and the remainder will be those re-entering the workforce following a period of unemployment or a career break. The report went on to predict that job creation will primarily be in ‘high value roles’ with individuals expected to utilise new skills.

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