1 Day Visa for Business People from India

David Cameron is on a three day visit to India with a 100 strong group made up of parliamentarians, business leaders and academics, in a drive to improve our links and trading relationship with a country which has the second fastest growing economy in the world and a population of 1.22 billion. This is one of the biggest trade delegations in British history and according to reports in the FT, Mr Cameron declared Britain could forge one of “the great partnerships of the 21st century” with India.

1 Day Visa for Business People from India

While visiting Mumbai yesterday he declared that he wanted Britain to be India’s partner of choice and announced plans for a one day visa for Indian business people who need to come to Britain at short notice. His vision is that British architects and contractors will play a leading role in developing a corridor of business between Mumbai and Bangalore a distance of 988 km or approximately 614 miles. He urged India to dismantle trade barriers in banking, insurance and retail. India is well known for its expertise in IT and electronics and this morning it was reported on BBC Breakfast that in Delhi he announced the setting up of a joint project to tackle cyber crime.

No Cap on Foreign Students Allowed in Britain

While addressing workers at Hindustan Unilever he stated that there is no cap on the number of foreign students allowed into Britain as long as they have basic English and an offer of a place at a university here. Unfortunately there is an unfair and inaccurate perception that it is not possible to do post study work in Britain and this needs correcting.

Watching the reports here on the news of his cricket playing we are left in no doubt that David Cameron is going all out to bat for Britain.

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