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The UK can be a great base from which to work on projects for clients across the EU especially financial services, engineering and IT jobs in Europe. If you have a UK work visa, EU laws relating to provision of services can allow your employer to send you to work at client sites on the continent without requiring a fresh work permit issued by the destination country.

Before you read on please note that this European Visas for contractors guide is directed at individuals.If you are an Agency: CLICK HERE for our agent’s guide to deploying non-EU nationals to meet the needs of your clients in Europe

Another benefit is that, while you will generally have to pay tax where you work, you may be able to remain on the UK social security system.  UK National Insurance rates are too high, but they tend to be much better than those on the continent (in France Employer’s NI is 45%, in Germany both the employer and the employee may pay 19.5%).  Against this the UK 2011-12 rates of 13.8% employer’s and 12% employee’s seem almost reasonable.

If you have a UK work visa, and are sent to deliver services in the EU, you will probably need a visa for Europe from the UK which is known as a Vander Elst Visa.

The main types of visa that may be reliant to you are

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