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Billing contract income earned in the UK to an offshore service provider for the purpose of not paying tax is tax evasion regardless of whether or not the person to whom the money belongs is resident in the UK.

If you’re an Expat either working in the UK of planning to do so in the future it’s strongly advised they you steer well clear of any service providers that seemingly offer a compliant offshore contract solution that promises to save you a packet (unless you pay exactly the same taxes to the HMRC as you would if based in the UK). Remember the old adage, ˜If it looks too good to be true it probably is!”

Any contract income earned Inside the UK by a freelance contractor needs to be taxed in the UK.

  • This means you have two options; you can either use:
  • An Umbrella Company to deal with contract billings, OR

You can go into business with your own Limited Company (if you are working on contracts Outside IR35).

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