IT Job Websites

In order to find an IT Contract in the UK you will probably have to use an IT Job Website. There are many IT Job Websites out there and if you are going to find that perfect contract you need to stay up to date with most of them as contracts come and go quickly.

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Using IT Job Websites to find Contracts

To find an IT Contract you should;

  1. Search the Job Websites for possible Contracts (detailed below)
  2. Sign up to daily job alerts and notices
  3. Tailor your high impact CV to the specific Contract being advertised and then submit the CV to the Agency posting the Contract
  4. Follow up with a call to the Agency to register a firm interest. Be aware that:
    1. Agencies receive many CVs so to stand out from the crowd you should chase up to improve your chances
    2. Other seasoned Contractors will be calling soon after sending a CV to make sure they get to the top of the pile
    3. You decrease your chances considerably if you only email Clients and then wait for the phone to ring
    4. Keep records on what dates & times you tried to call to speak to an Agent so that you know when to move on
  5. Record details of the Contract & the date / time you submitted your CV (keep a Contract Finding Spreadsheet)

IT Job Websites

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