Financial Services Screening

Each year thousands of freelance professionals take contracts with large Financial Services Companies. If you’re planning on looking for a contract with a Financial Services Company you should be aware that you may have to go through the process of Financial Services Screening.

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Why do companies require Financial Services Screening?

Financial Services Companies deal with incredibly sensitive information which could, if misplaced or stolen lead to fraud or identity theft. The need for highly skilled contractors on short term assignments creates a big security risk, therefore companies undertake Financial Services Screening to vastly reduce liability and the chances of criminal activity.

The Screening Process

The process of Financial Services Screening can take a while depending upon your circumstances, typically 3 – 6 weeks are required before a contract can begin.

There are four main checks that are completed:

  • Arrest Check
  • Credit Check
  • Address Check
  • Employment Check

Arrest Checks

The Arrest Check is fairly straightforward but can take a while to complete as the Police must be contacted to confirm information.

If you’re a non UK national this may mean an organisation contacting the Police force in your home country. Unfortunately you cannot do anything to speed up this process.

Credit Checks

Credit Checks do not normally take very long to complete and are completed in the normal way.

Address Check

When checking addresses organisations will look back up to 6 years. The good news is that you can do something to speed up the address check process. Make sure that you keep all of your old utility bills, tenancy agreements, bank statements etc. By providing these details quickly you may be able to speed up the process dramatically.

It can also help to ensure that you are on the electoral roll (if you are eligible)

Employment Checks

Employment checks can also be speeded up by keeping detailed records. Make sure that you keep all contracts, references etc in a safe place for at least 6 years.

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