New Permanent Residence Requirements for UK Tier 2 Visa Applicants

The UK Boarder Agency (UKBA) announced additional documentation requirements for Tier 2 visa applicants applying for indefinite leave to remain. Tier 2 applicants will now be required to furnish proof from their employers and sponsors that they are paid at a high salary under Tier 2 visa.

On 6 April 2011, the UK government amended the Immigration Rules to implement a salary requirement for permanent residence (properly known as settlement or indefinite leave to remain) applications made by work permit holders and Tier 2 visa migrants.

In addition to these requirements, as of 31 October 2011, work permit holders and Tier 2 visa migrants are required to submit payroll documents to confirm that they are being paid at or above the appropriate rate for their job. Applicants will still need to provide written confirmation from their employer regarding their salary.

From 31 October, any settlement application by a Tier 2 migrant or a work permit holder must include:
• a payslip and a personal bank or building society statement; or
• a payslip and a building society pass book.
If applicants do not provide this documentation, their application may be refused.

In the press release, officials stated they believe the changes to be minor and they “will continue to have regard to the equality considerations of these changes, and will work to limit or mitigate, where possible, any adverse impact that is identified.”

The UK is continuing to bring in tougher immigration rules. Earlier this month UK Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech regarding upcoming immigration changes. “As a Coalition government we agree about the importance of controlling immigration but our approach has rightly focused on how to do this without damaging business or discouraging inward investment in to the UK,” said Cameron. “We’ve begun to be much more selective not just about how many people come in – but who actually comes in.”

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