survey reveals IT professionals support apprenticeships

Key points from the survey:

  • 84% of respondents believe that apprenticeships are a good alternative to further education
  • 83% of respondents believe that not enough businesses offer apprenticeships in Information Technology
  • The majority believe that the Government should offer support to encourage apprenticeships
  • 55% of graduates will either be unemployed or will work in a non graduate job for six months after completing their studies
  • 80% believe that apprenticeships benefit businesses significantly
  • 47% of IT professionals say that their company currently offers apprenticeship schemes

The Website Director for, Richard Nott, said that “Further education isn’t for everyone. Rising tuition fees and challenging graduate employment conditions have paved the way for alternative routes. IT professionals evidently recognise the importance of apprenticeship schemes. For young jobseekers they’re an excellent way of gaining qualifications and valuable workplace experience while still earning. Businesses benefit too through harnessing fresh talent, filling core skills gaps and critically, improving their bottom line.”

Many believe that professional IT apprenticeships will be a great way to starve off predicted future IT skill shortages. Recently a Director of Hays, one of the largest recruitment agencies in the United Kingdom, said that ‘talent shortages will become one of the biggest challenges facing organisations over the next two decades’. At the moment certain IT skills are becoming harder and harder to find in the UK due to the fact that the Government recently tightened up the UK Immigration system and scrapped the highly popular Tier 1 General route for highly skilled migrants (formerly the HSMP) therefore apprenticeships are viewed as a great way to alleviate the problem.

Director of Hays, Charles Logan, said that “Talent shortages will become one of the biggest challenges facing organisations over the next two decades. So while organisations can attract and recruit from a much wider geography than ever before, which has obvious advantages when skills are in short supply, the global talent pipeline will also create serious new challenges for HR to navigate. Hiring managers will need to understand the flow of their talent pipeline, knowing why people move and what drives this movement of talent around the globe.”

Commonwealth Contractors

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