Infosys vs Palmer getting ugly

According to Kenny Mendelsohn, a lawyer for Mr Palmer “When Infosys learned that Mr. Palmer was cooperating with the Investigators, it demanded that he turn the laptop over to Infosys and threatened to fire him if he did not. However, Mr. Palmer on my advice opted to secure the laptop and the Investigators now have it.”

However a spokesperson for Infosys hit back by saying “The notion that in this instance we have attempted to do anything inappropriate with respect to a company issued computer maintained by an employee is simply not accurate.  In any context in which the company is involved in litigation or is otherwise required to preserve documents and electronic records, the law requires us to both secure and maintain copies of those records. That is precisely the practice that any company would follow in this situation and it is precisely what we have attempted to do here.”

At the moment Mr Mendelsohn is still employed by Infosys however he is currently on the bench. In respect of this Mr Mendelsohn said that “He is not doing any work, but has continually contacted Infosys requesting another assignment. Even though Mr. Palmer has received information that there are numerous positions available that could use him, Infosys still has not sent him to another assignment.”

Mr Palmer is seeking punitive damages for; breach of contract, expenses, International Infliction of emotional stress, outrage, negligence & wanton misconduct, legal misrepresentation and fraud. Since filing the complaint Mr Palmer has said that he has been subject to; constant harassment, threats, retaliation, numerous threatening phone calls, monitoring of emails, racial taunts and slurs (including being called a ‘stupid American’), has been criticised for being a Christian, was refused a bonus, was refused reimbursement of an expense and was forced to work more than 70 hours a week without proper compensation.

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