Green to reform UK Immigration System further

Mr Green said that “This report demonstrates why the immigration system needs radical reform. This government has already introduced an annual limit on economic migrants, including a significant tightening of the ICT rules, and sweeping changes to the student visa system. Later this year we will propose a shake-up of the family and settlement route. I want enforcement and compliance to be the cornerstone of our immigration system, and we are making it more difficult for people to live in the UK illegally by taking action against employers that flout our rules.\”

Earlier in the week a report by the Commons Public Accounts Committee said that the UK Border Agency is not doing enough to ensure that the estimated 181,000 migrant workers and students whose visas have expired since December 2008 have actually left the country. The Chair of the Public Accounts Committee, Margaret Hodge, said that “The UKBA has not got a grip on making sure that migrant workers whose visas have expired actually leave the UK. It estimates that 181,000 such workers are staying on without permission, but it can\’t even verify the figures, and does not try to enforce the employers\’ duty to ensure that people leave when they are required to do so. The fundamental point is that the agency lacks the management information needed to manage migrant numbers and ensure that the rules are complied with.\”

Since coming to power just over a year ago the Coalition Government has made sweeping changes to the UK Points Based Immigration System. The two biggest changes affecting highly skilled workers have been the introduction of the permanent Immigration Cap and the scrapping of the highly popular Tier 1 General (HSMP) route.

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