Lord Digby Jones criticises EU Migration

Lord Digby Jones said that “I can’t see why if I find a computer expert in Auckland, New Zealand or a video games expert from Vancouver, they cannot come to my country, build a career, bring their families and pay tax. They speak English. But what’s now being said is ‘No they can’t\’. But if you come from Latvia or Slovenia, and you don’t speak English and you’ve no intention of integrating, then it’s ‘Come on in, pal. You’re in the European Union. You can do it.’… We must be mad. We should be saying, there’s nothing wrong with immigration to this nation. Regardless of the colour of your skin or regardless of your religion, you are welcome. But you will speak English and you will have a job and a skill.”

Yesterday the deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats, Nick Clegg, said that the Immigration Cap was not in the Coalition Agreement. Speaking on the BBC’s The Politics Show Mr Clegg said that “It’s not in the coalition agreement and I don’t think anyone suggests that what we should be doing is pursuing fixed numerical targets in immigration policy. Lots of people come in and out of this country, not least through the European Union, who you can\’t just numerically control, so I don\’t think it\’s a numbers game.”

Last week Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrat business secretary, called David Cameron’s speech on Immigration ‘very unwise’ hours before the Prime Minister was due to deliver it to Conservative Party members. However, speaking later in the day Mr Cable stressed that the Coalition was still united on the issue of Immigration by saying that \”We are completely united behind the policy and the policy is about a cap.\” He told the BBC earlier in the day that “The reference to the tens of thousands of immigrants rather than hundreds of thousands is not part of the coalition agreement; it is Tory party policy only.” Questioned in Manchester later in the day Mr Cable went on to say that \”I don\’t want to develop that, and I think I have said what I wanted to say. We have a common consensus, a compromise in the coalition on our policy on the immigration cap and I don\’t think I need to add to that.”

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