New IR35 Forum set up by the Government

The Managing Director of the Professional Contractors Group (PCG), John Brazier, said that \”It is vital that freelancers are properly represented at this juncture. We have been assured that far from being a \’talking shop\’ the new Forum will be a positive force for change. PCG has already put forward initial thoughts on how the Forum should work to revamp IR35. We will continue to develop these ideas in conjunction with our membership.\”

Along with the setup of the IR35 forum the Government has committed to starting a dedicated helpline staffed by IR35 tax specialists and the publication of new guidance on the types of cases the HM Revenue & Customs consider outside the scope of IR35. It now looks as though IR35 will remain in place until such time as it is abolished following the possible merging of the Income Tax and National Insurance systems.

The Professional Contractors Group will be keen to shift the spotlight back on to how it will challenge IR35 following recent publicity which surrounded a senior PCG members calls for a vote of no confidence. Writing on a number of message boards a leading member said that “Following the outcome of the recent Budget there has been a call from a PCG member (myself) for the Board and the Consultative Council to resign. I am concerned that the PCG are trying to bury this within their own forums, so a heads-up in the outside world would, I feel, serve the interests of democracy and accountability. If you are a PCG member and you feel that there should at least be a vote on this, please go to the Members\’ Resolutions forum and vote \”Aye\” or \”Yes”. I believe that the PCG has serially failed in regard to IR35.”

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