6,600 CoSs Unused Under Interim Cap

According to reports over the weekend a third of the interim limit went unused meaning that UK companies hired 6,600 fewer migrant workers than they could have. Under the Interim Limit Tier 2 licensed sponsors were given an allocation of Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) to use prior to the implementation of the permanent Immigration Cap. The amount of CoSs allocated by the UK Border Agency was dependent upon historical usage, with new sponsors given a zero allocation.

Under the new system applications for ‘restricted’ Certificates of Sponsorship will be decided based on a pooling system whereby applications with a greater number of points are granted in front of those with a lesser number of points. Although not ideal the system in place for managing the permanent immigration cap will be a lot fairer.

Speaking to the Telegraph following the implementation of the permanent Immigration Cap, Damian Green, the Conservative Immigration Minister said that “To often over the past ten years it has been the first resort. Britain became addicted to immigration as a solution to a number of problems and we have to wean ourselves off that addiction. It will be better for us all as a society if we do look first to the many skilled people who are employed in this country. It was a policy driven by the previous Government that did allow everyone to have an easy option and allow both government and employers to do less training than we need. Britain can cope with immigration limits”.

Under the new Immigration Cap introduced last week employers will only be able to bring in 20,700 skilled or highly skilled people from outside of the European Union under Tier 2 (General) with a further 1,000 visas available for people of exceptional talent (e.g. Nobel Prize winners etc) under Tier 1.

The Coalition Government hopes the new scheme, along with changes to Tier 4 of the Points Based system, will bring about a fall in net migration to ‘tens of thousands, rather than hundreds of thousands’ per year. However, many are sceptical whether the changes will make any real difference to headline figures (there is no way to limit migration within the EU) and are concerned that the limit will make it far more difficult for UK businesses to get the highly skilled niche workers they require.

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