OTS says initial report will be provided in time for the 2011 Budget

John Whiting, the Tax Director for the Office of Tax Simplification, said that \”I am delighted that these events were so well received and stimulated such valuable debate amongst those attending. That is exactly what we hoped for as we seek input to help us simplify Britain\’s tax code as openly as possible. Some points we had already identified, but others provided real food for thought – it\’s important we consider all ways to making taxation for small businesses in particular a little easier. I would like to thank all those who attended, and would like to remind anyone that couldn\’t make it, or anyone who has further ideas that we continue to welcome views on making small business taxation simpler for all.\”


Over the past few months the contracting community has been making its voice heard with regards to the IR35 legislation in more ways than one. Many freelance contractors have been calling for the abolition of IR35 on the Government’s new website, YourFreedom.hmg.gov.uk. The piece or tax legislation, which has been described as greatly ‘unfair’ by much of the contracting community, has been one of the most popular topics since the sites launch a few months. The new site has been designed to allow members of the public to comment on laws and regulations which the public would like to see the Government get rid of.

At the time the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, said that “This site gives you the chance to tell us which laws and regulations you think we should get rid of. Your feedback will inform government policy and some of your proposals could end up making it into bills we bring before Parliament to change the law. We\’ve had an excellent response so far, receiving thousands of ideas, comments and votes. So if you see an idea here that you agree with, then rate it to move it up the list. If you have more to say about an idea, then add your comment. Or submit your own idea if it isn\’t yet on the site (the search box is a good way to check). And remember – we want you to suggest ideas for removing laws and regulations, rather than ideas for creating them.”

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