Monthly Archives: December 2010

Monster Employment Index shows strong IT Job growth in October

The Managing Director at Monster UK and Ireland, Julian Acquari, said that \”While the United Kingdom still has a long way to go towards economic recovery, the increase in employment opportunities is an encouraging trend.\” The positive news comes at a time when the latest Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)/KPMG quarterly jobs survey […]

Unison says Austerity measures damaging UK Healthcare

The Head of Health at Unison recently said that \”What is truly distressing is that that the survey clearly shows how spending cuts are already threatening to damage the quality of patient care. The Government are turning back the clock and dragging the country back to the dark days of the eighties and early nineties […]

All Party Parliamentary Group for the Freelance Sector Formed

On Mr Binley’s blog he wrote that \”I am delighted to have been elected as Chairman of this group. Freelancers play a vital role within our economy and often their efforts go largely unnoticed. I am hopeful that this group can bring together freelancers across all different industries with the common aim of improving the […]

Private Sector job creation may offset Public Sector job losses

The Chief Economic Advisor at the CIPD, Dr John Philpott, said that “Signs of not only sustained but also increasing buoyancy in private sector job prospects is encouraging, especially since some other forward looking economic and labour market indicators have been subdued of late. What remains to be seen is how much of this good […]

Jobs Outlook Survey suggests Employers turn to Agency staff following Spending Review

Jobs Outlook Report Highlights 22% of employers said they expect to increase their temporary workforce in the next 3 months 28% said they were planning to take on more agency workers over the next 12 months 83%of employers indicated that their workforces would stay the same over the next 12 months 73% said their permanent […]

Immigration Minister visits the USA

During the visit Damian Green said that “Existing agreements allow us to share fingerprints taken for immigration purposes and match these against each others’ immigration databases. If a match is found, biographical information is shared between countries, stopping the use of false identities and nationalities. This has already yielded positive results – 89 per cent […]

Apply For A Tier 1 General Visa Now!

Are you considering applying under Tier 1 General? Do you believe that you qualify? If so contact Commonwealth Contractors immediately to find out about submitting an application. In April of next year Tier 1 General will be abolished altogether however this does not mean that you have until next April to apply. Under the temporary […]