Cross Party Group raises concerns over tough Tier 4 (Student) Reforms

A cross party group of MPs has raised what it calls  “profound concerns” to Theresa May (the Home Secretary) over tough new plans to reform Tier 4 of the Points Based System (i.e. Student Visas). The group of MPs which includes Conservatives and Liberal Democrats has raised concerns that the reforms will force may English Language colleges to close meaning the loss of thousands of jobs across the country and a significant amount of revenue (it is estimated that overseas students contribute £100m annually to the local economy in Brighton alone).

Tony Milns, who represents English UK, said that “A lot of MPs with language colleges or schools in their constituencies are concerned. They realise the economic and other benefits to their constituents of having foreign students spending money.” And a representative of Universities UK went on to say that “We do not think that international students should be counted as migrants. They are not here for economic reasons, their time in the UK does not count towards any later application for settlement, unlike workers, and they have no recourse to public funds.”

Tier 4 Student Proposals

  • Reduction in the number of people coming to the UK to study below degree level
  • Introduction of a tougher English language requirement
  • Provisions to ensure that students wishing to extend their studies show evidence of academic progression
  • Limits on students’ entitlements to work and their ability to bring in dependants
  • An enhanced accreditation process for education providers, alongside more rigorous inspections.

The Immigration Minister, Damian Green, said that ‘’I believe attracting talented students from abroad is vital to the United Kingdom, but we must be more selective about who can come here and how long they can stay. People imagine students to be those who come here for a few years to study at university and then go home but that is not always the case. Too many students coming to study below degree level have been coming here to live and work, rather than studying. We need to stop this abuse. Today’s proposals follow a major review of the system, and are aimed at a more selective system and, crucially, reducing the numbers to meet our target of reducing net migration to sustainable levels. This government wants high-calibre students with the genuine desire to study to come to our country to come for temporary periods, and then return home. We want to hear views of our proposals from a wide range of people so that our reforms meet this objective.’’

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