28% of UK firms plan to recruit in 2011

The Head of Human Resources services at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Michael Rendell, said that “The United Kingdom has lost its position as the world\’s most educated workforce, which is particularly worrying as we come out of the recession and may limit future growth. Firms must take a more systematic approach to learning and development. Ensuring staff can be easily deployed internationally is ever more important for businesses extending their global reach, but UK firms have been particularly challenged by the immigration cap.”

On the Immigration Cap Mr Rendell said that “It does not make economic sense for businesses to bring people into the UK for less than two years so this limit poses a serious threat to the flexibility of the UK’s labour market. With financial services in particular being hit with a raft of regulation, Britain’s ability to compete with markets where there is less of a compliance burden could be reduced.”

Recently the latest REC / KPMG jobs survey showed strong growth for both permanent and contract placements during November 2010 with figures standing at a three month high after subsequently poor results over previous months. Overall the number of IT contract roles last month increased from 49.6% to 53.2%, however compared to the same period last year figures are still down overall.

The Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), Kevin Green, said that \”The latest data shows stronger rises in both permanent and temporary placements in November 2010. This is an improvement following a sustained slowdown in growth since April. The jobs market remains fragile – especially in light of the public sector squeeze – but confidence does seem to be returning amongst private sector employers. As the jobs market grows, skills and talent shortages are starting to emerge. Our members have identified specific job categories that are already in short supply, including HGV drivers, engineers, IT specialists and chefs. Changes to immigration policy could exacerbate these shortages in the short-term, so we need to build pipelines into growth sectors through better support and guidance to job-seekers and a targeted skills agenda.”

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