Prime Minister reassures UK Businesses over Immigration Cap

In July of this year the Government introduced an interim Immigration Cap set 5% below last years Tier 1 (formerly HSMP) and Tier 2 (formerly Work Permit) approval total. Since the introduction of the cap many multinational corporations have complained that they have been unable to bring in the highly skilled professionals they need causing many to move work to locations such as India and China.


Following the speech Downing Street followed up by saying \”We all know business have been talking about this issue. That is precisely why we wanted to have this period of consultation – to get the policy right. We were always very clear that we would try to implement that cap in a way that does not impede businesses from attracting the best talent to the UK. The objective is to bring net immigration down to the levels seen in the past – so tens of thousands. But we have not said anything more detailed about precisely how this is going to operate. We will do so in due course.\”


In response to the speech Richard Lambert, the Director General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) said that \”The prime minister demonstrated a real passion for business and an understanding that only business will create growth. He also made clear that access to finance and immigration would not be barriers to future growth.\”


Following the recently completed public consultation the Government is at present finalising plans for the implementation of the permanent Immigration Cap. The public consultation addressed the way in which the Immigration Cap may be implemented. The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) was also asked to advise on how to set the Immigration Cap levels.


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