UK Government Urged To Announce How Immigration Cap Will Work With Net Immigration Target

Sarah Mulley from the Institute for Public Policy Research said: “This demonstrates the difficult task that the government has set itself in seeking to significantly reduce total net immigration – a measure over which it has only limited control. The impact of changes in British migration (over which the government has no control at all) on total net migration demonstrates this very clearly.”

The Immigration Cap policy, which was one of David Cameron’s flagship proposals at the General Election, is now expected to have a hugely detrimental affect on the UK economy at a time when UK businesses need all the help they can get to drive the country into more prosperous times. So far the temporary Immigration Cap has already made it very difficult for UK Businesses to get the skills they need, especially where an organisation works in an area in which they need multiple workers. With the introduction of the permanent Immigration cap next April many are concerned that an even tougher stance will cause long term problems and deter international organisations from working in the UK.

Gerwyn Davies of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development said that “The increase in net immigration is bad news for the government, given its aim of reducing net immigration to \’tens of thousands\’ rather than hundreds of thousands. With net immigration now rising again, after a period of substantial decline, this objective looks like it is becoming harder to reach. The reality for employers is that training workers to plug the UK skills gap is a lengthy task. The abrupt introduction of a radical cap would therefore leave many employers with a bigger skills problem and tempt employers with global operations to offshore jobs, where they can find the skills.\”

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