Bogus Dentist From Iraq Found Guilty Of Faking ID Documents

In 2003 Mr Raoul gave a false name (Muhammed Ismaeel Saman) and date of birth to border officials at Manchester airport when he arrived in the UK to claim asylum. In 2007 he failed in his attempt to secure asylum so he decided to use his real name to apply for work as a Senior House Officer (SHO Doctor) with the Cardiff and Vale NHS Trust. Following the conclusion of the posting he began work as a dentist in Merthyr Tydfil.

In early 2009 the UK Border Agency received a tip off suggesting that Mr Rasoul was involved in Identity fraud, he was later arrested on the 1st July 2009 while at his place of work in Merthyr Tydfil. A search of Mr Rasoul’s home revealed fake dental qualifications, references believed to have been written by Mr Rasoul, doctored birth certificates and forged letters from the Home Office suggesting Mr Ransoul had the freedom to work in the UK.

Steve Evans of the UK Border Agency’s Immigration Crime Team said that “Rasoul lied to come here, lied to stay here and lied to earn a living. He has taken a job away from someone who was entitled to work in the UK but – worst of all – he has deceived his patients. The UK has a proud tradition of giving asylum to those who genuinely need protection, but Rasoul has tried to work the system for financial benefit. Fortunately, the law has caught up with him and he now faces jail and deportation to Iraq. Anyone who wants to come to the UK to work needs to apply through the correct channels.

Although tighter rules now surround the recruitment of foreign medical professionals (in particular doctors due to the General Medical Councils new requirement to hold a ‘License to Practice’) healthcare organisations and medical recruitment agencies are still being warned to be vigilant when recruiting foreign healthcare professionals.

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