Contractors Set To Face Less Limited Company Red Tape

The Coalition Government has issued an online invitation to the public to nominate the unnecessary laws and regulations they would like to see scrapped. High on any Contractors list will no doubt be the scrapping of Intermediaries Legislation, otherwise known as IR35.

In a statement Nick Clegg said \”Too many of the business and voluntary groups I meet tell me they feel overwhelmed with forms to fill out and boxes to tick, whether it\’s a fledgling business looking to take on more staff, or a charity struggling with the complex record checks their volunteers have to undergo. But the key to all of this is you. You – the small business owner, the social entrepreneur, the volunteer. You know better than government departments, better even than Vince Cable, what rules and regulations are holding you back. The whole point of this exercise is to get Whitehall out of the driving seat. We want to know where regulation works, where it doesn\’t, and what we can do to help.\”

Although the announcement will be seen as a positive for the business community the real reason for the drive to streamline processes and scrap legislation is no doubt due to the fact that many Government departments, with the exception of the Department of Health, face major budget cuts. According to recent announcements budget cuts may be as much as 40% in certain departments therefore leaders will be looking at ways to scrap legislation and reduce administration in order to meet strict new targets. Unnecessary form filling takes up a good deal of time for entrepreneurs, small business owners and contractors in particular however on the flip side the Government also spends a great deal of time and effort collating information, getting it into the right format and generally utilising the information. Details of expected cuts are expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

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