REC Concerned About UK Immigration Cap

The Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, Kevin Green, said that \”There were huge skills shortages before the recession and if the private sector is to grow rapidly out of recession, it will need skilled workers to do so.  An artificial cap on immigration will affect business growth and delivery of core services such as social care. Therefore, we need train up our young people to fill these gaps, but this will take time. We ask that the Government seriously considers the impact of preventing skilled workers coming into the country if the positions they are being recruited for cannot be filled locally.\”

The Chair of REC hospitality, Suzanne Letting, went on to say that “The hospitality sector has always been affected by serious skills shortages. More often than not, we struggle to find key skilled workers for our sector, such as chefs. To fill those vacancies, an artificial cap on immigration would only make things more difficult and put the already fragile recovery of the UK hospitality sector at risk. With big events coming up like the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, demand for those skills will only rise. Immigration routes – as well as training and development for our young people – should be open for the skills vital to secure a strong and viable hospitality industry.”

Peter Cullimore, the Chair of REC Nursing and Social Care also said that “The nursing and social care sectors are heavily reliant on foreign labour. There is a shortage of skills amongst the workforce and it will take a long time to upskill the next generation of carers. The threat of public sector cuts in these areas means that training budgets may also be cut, which will make the training of future home-grown carers even more difficult. We need to ensure that any immigration cap that may be introduced does not lead to a downgrading of front line health and social care services.\”

Commonwealth Contractors

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