Home Secretary Sent 100 Day Workplace Guide

The position of Home Secretary has been something of a revolving door in the last few years with five Home Secretaries since 2005, namely; Charles Clarke, John Reid, Jacqui Smith, Alan Johnson and now Theresa May. With the Home Office and UK Border Agency facing substantial changes in the coming months (including the introduction of an Immigration Cap (see below), the scrapping of the Identity Card Scheme and significant budgetary pressures) the guide could come in handy.

The guide titled ‘Your first 100 days: A CIPD guide to Management in the UK’ advises ministers to lead by example and embed a ‘teamwork approach into the culture of their departments.

The Director of Policy at the CIPD, Stephanie Bird, said that “The ‘first 100 days’ has become a universal yardstick in political life. It has also been well-established in business that the first 100 days as a new leader are crucial in determining whether you succeed or fail. Tony Blair famously talked about the ‘scars on his back’ from attempting to deliver wide ranging public sector reforms. And he was operating in a time of plenty – a luxury not available today. As not just a new government, but a new type of government, coalition ministers face a truly gargantuan challenge in bringing their civil servants and front-line workers with them on their journey to achieve ambitious changes in delivery and culture.”

Immigration Cap on Non EEA Workers

The new Government is currently investigating ways to introduce an Immigration Cap on the number of migrants coming to the UK each year from outside the European Economic Area (EEA). In the run up to the General Election the Prime Minister spoke of the need for annual UK immigration to be in the ‘tens of thousands, not the hundreds of thousands’.

With the Government unable to do anything about migration from within the EEA the Home Office is expected to announce plans to restrict non EEA migration, in particular Tier 1 (Highly Skilled), Tier 2 (Skilled) and Tier 4 (Student) of the Points Based System.

Commonwealth Contractors

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