Illegal Immigration Falls On The Back Of Economic Decline

The report highlighted that:

  • 33% fewer people attempted to cross external land and sea borders of member states in 2009
  • Greece accounts for 75% of all illegal border crossing detentions
  • Many migrants move on from Greece to Western Countries with forged documents obtained in the country
  • Turkey is now considered the most important transit country for illegal migration to the European Union
  • Albanians represented the highest single group for detections with 40,500
  • Afghans represented the second highest single group for detections with 14,500
  • Somalis represented the third highest single group for detections with 9,100
  • Afghans are now the most common nationality applying for asylum
  • The number of Iraqis dropped from 8,800 in 2008 to 4,100 in 2009
  • 8,200 forged documents were seized from people trying to enter the EU
  • Nigerian nationals were the group most likely to use forged documents

The Executive Director of Frontex, Ilkka Latinen said that “Too often border guards find themselves the target of criticism in the media. They face daily the difficult task of identifying women and children who are being trafficked for the sex trade, and share in the exhilaration of catching those who are responsible for these heinous crimes.\”

UK Immigration Decline

Although Illegal Immigration to the United Kingdom and Asylum applications only account for a small proportion of the total annual UK Immigration figure the drop is expected to contribute further to the expected 2009 reduction. It is understood that a significant number of workers from EU accession countries (including Poland) have returned home following or during the recession. The UK Government has announced plans for an annual Immigration Cap and plans to reduce annual UK immigration levels to ‘tens of thousands rather than hundreds of thousands’. With the boom years over for the time being perhaps the biggest factor on reducing UK Immigration levels will be due the economic recession, not the proposed immigration cap.

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