IPPR Migration Report Reveals Benefits For International Workers

In the report the IPPR and GDN reveal that:

  • Migrants normally improve the standard of living in their home communities significantly by sending remittances back home. More than 50% of respondents sent money back to their homeland
  • 70 to 90% of migrants are reported to have increased their real disposable incomes while abroad
  • In Columbia ‘households that receive remittances are 12% less likely to be below the national poverty line’
  • Many individuals who migrate to a developed country return home with new resources, skills and networks
  • Tough Immigration Policies are unlikely to deter migrant workers. Strategies to ‘facilitate and regulate’ the movement of people from developing countries will work better

An Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) Research Associate, Dr Danny Sriskandarajah, said that “Migration is too good to stop. Migration offers one of the best routes to improving development prospects for individuals and countries alike. More people are on the move than ever before, and our study shows this mobility is generally having a more positive impact on social and economic development than previously thought. Even where migration causes pressure points – such as ‘brain drain’ from some sectors in some countries at some points – the money, skills and ideas that migrants send home or bring back with them often outweigh the negative impacts.\”

The IPPR Project Coordinator, Laura Chappell, went on to say that “There are lessons for policy makers in this report. An important one for Western governments is that a fortress approach to migration from the developing world is unlikely to be successful. As long as there are such imbalances in the global economy, migrants from poorer countries are going to want to come to countries where the economic opportunities are greater. The evidence shows that they and their families will generally benefit if they do so. In these circumstances, policies mainly designed to keep migrants out or kick them out may well be destined to fail. Managed migration can be achieved, but it needs to take into account migrants’ aspirations as well as concerns of local electorates.\”

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