BMA Warns NHS Doctor Training Funds Must Be Protected

Dr Datta said “The NHS prides itself, quite rightly, on its highly trained staff, but the quality of doctors it produces depends on the quality of training provided. Alarmingly, our training is now under threat on many fronts: from the £20 billion worth of efficiency savings, politician-speak for cuts; from the understaffed rotas one in four of us now have to work on; from a haphazard review of training funding; and from the fractured implementation of the 48-hour week. Almost half of UK doctors surveyed by the BMA are missing out on essential training. Working extra shifts to prop up understaffed rotas means less time to learn new procedures, less time to practice our skills, less time to learn and less time to become better doctors. Without proper training, junior doctors will not be able to gather the skills, experience and knowledge needed to be the GPs and consultants of tomorrow.”

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