Recruitment Messages For New Cabinet Ministers

The REC’s Head of Public Policy, Anne Fairweather, said that “An important part of the REC’s work over the last few years has been to build links with the Opposition parties, which means that we already have a good relationship with a number of the new Cabinet members. This is a good base but there is no doubt that the next few weeks and months will be crucial in getting our messages across on issues such as employment regulation, labour market policy, taxation and public sector reform. As well as contacting incoming Ministers, we need to get in touch with all MPs to promote the positive role of recruiters and the cores messages of our Manifesto.”

Secretary of State for Business, Dr Vince Cable (Liberal Democrats): The REC will primarily take forward the group’s line on the planned implementation of the Agency Worker Regulation (AWR), expected in late 2011. The Agency Workers Directive is a piece of legislation designed to protect the rights of low paid agency workers. Designed by the European Community, the legislation will give agency workers the same pay, terms and conditions of employment, maternity / paternity benefits as workers who are permanent employees of a client company.

Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, Iain Duncan Smith (Conservatives): The REC aim to underline the positive contribution of the industry and promote possible areas of co-operation

Secretary of State for Health, Andrew Lansley (Conservatives): The REC will attempt to challenge misconceptions over agency work in the NHS and promote messages of the group’s Public Sector Resourcing campaign

Home Secretary and Minister for Women and Equalities (Conservatives): The REC will promote the industry line on immigration policy as well as CRB and equality issues

Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles (Conservative): The REC will actively promote messages of the group’s Public Sector Resourcing campaign

Chief Secretary to the Treasury, David Laws (Liberal Democrats):
There are a number of taxation and enforcement issues that we the REC will continue to take forward on behalf of members

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