Lib Dem Plans To Scrap ID Cards Under Attack

David Anderson, a Labour Party candidate, has said that the decision to call time on the Identity Card scheme could mean the loss of 160 skilled jobs at De La Rue Systems in Blaydon. The company won a £400 million contract with the Government last year to make biometric passports and immediately announced plans to create 80 extra jobs.

Mr Anderson said that “Scrapping these passports is part of the price Nick Clegg (leader of the Liberal Democrats) demands to fund his gimmick give-away of raising tax thresholds, which would only disproportionately benefit well-off people. The trouble is that sacrificing biometric passports, which are part of improving our security, could mean the loss of 160 good quality jobs in Blaydon. I am asking the Lib Dem candidate to clarify this Lib Dem muddle on biometric passports and tell local people where he stands on the issue. Is he happy that his party wants to axe jobs to win votes?”

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