UKBA Reassure Expired Visa Holders

In a notice on the UKBA website the organisation ask individuals to retain proof of planned travel that would have enabled them to leave the UK before the expiry of the visa. Further information will be provided as the situation develops the UKBA say.

If you were due to leave the UK and your visa has now expired it is very important that you keep detailed records relating to planned travel to avoid being labelled an ‘overstayer’. If you are planning on returning to the UK at any time in the future (especially if you are returning for work, study etc), you are advised to keep full details not just temporarily but for the foreseeable future to avoid any issues that may arise when applying for a UK Visa.

UK Visa Overstaying

The UK Government has been trying to get tough with those that break Immigration Rules for a long time. In March 2008 Paragraph 320 was inserted into the Immigration Rules in an attempt to prevent those that had broken the rules in the past from re-entering the UK. Since the introduction of Paragraph 320 Entry Clearance Officer’s in British Embassies around the world can now refuse a person entry to the UK even if they return to their home country to apply for a visa, under the basis that they previously breached UK Immigration laws by having:

  • Overstayed the expiry of their visa for more than 28 days (or for any period of time if the individual went home at public expense)
  • Breached a condition attached to his / her Leave to Enter or Remain
  • Enter the United Kingdom illegally
  • Used deception when attempting to secure Leave to Enter or Remain in the UK

If any of the above conditions are met, applicants must be refused entry to the UK for the following periods from the date the applicant last left the UK:

  • 1 Year if the individual went home voluntarily and not at public expense
  • 5 Years if the individual went home at public expense
  • 10 Years if the individual was removed or deported from the UK

Commonwealth Contractors

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