Immigration Cap Unworkable Says IPPR

Speaking on The Politics Show the leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, said that “I think we need to set the cap each year according to the needs of the economy. That\’s not something you can do in advance. The reason for capping immigration in my view is there have been pressures in the last decade on services like health and education and housing so the cap should be set after a conversation with the local authorities and the health service and the rest of it to try and make sure that UK Immigration is more manageable than what it\’s been up to now.\”

However, the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) has said that limited immigration flows is not straightforward. In a recent publication the group said that an Immigration cap would negatively affect Highly Skilled Workers, a group that those who support an immigration cap are not worried about. The IPPR has said that a ‘cap of 40,000 looks impossible to achieve from the position that the UK is currently in without threatening both economic performance and the rights of British nationals and settled migrants to be with their families’.

In the report the group said that ‘A fixed cap on net immigration to the UK seems to us to be an unworkable policy. It may also fail to provide the political quick win that its supporters assume it will deliver. In fact, promising to cap immigration at a much lower level than current flows might be a political own goal for any party. The public want government to be in control of migration and to be honest with them about the numbers. But control does not mean a drastic limit on net immigration it is perfectly possible for government to be in control of a migration system that is flexible and responsive to the needs of the country. In fact, what often gives the public the impression that migration is out of control is politicians making promises that they then cannot deliver to clamp down on immigration.’

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