GMC Revalidation Consultation

Since the 16th November 2009 all doctors wishing to practice in the UK have required a License to Practise and a GMC Registration, in the past only a GMC Registration was required. The License to Practise is issued for a limited period of time, after which a doctor must go through the process of ‘Revalidation’ in order to secure an extension. According to the General Medical Council, “Revalidation is about providing further assurance that the 218,000 doctors with a licence to practise medicine in the UK are up to date and fit to practise”.

Peter Rubin, the Chair of the General Medical Council said “As doctors, we are among the most trusted of all professionals. We have to ensure that this trust in doctors continues to be justified. For the past 150 years, the GMC has sought to provide assurance through the register of medical practitioners. It remains one of the most robust and well used registers anywhere in the world. But it has always been a historical record of exams and qualifications earned, not of competence or performance. As such, it offers a limited assurance about whether each of us is maintaining the high standards expected of us throughout our careers. Revalidation will plug this gap. In one sense, what is being proposed is no more than what should be happening in every doctor\’s practice – it is based on local systems of annual appraisal over five years and affirms what has already been demonstrated through that appraisal process. We want to hear from doctors, employers and patients across the UK in response to the consultation – we need to know the views of all of those affected to ensure that revalidation works, and is proportionate and flexible to meet the needs of a busy and diverse workforce.\”

The Consultation

The 20 question consultation on Revalidation has been developed in association with the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, the National Health Service, the Health Departments, Patients, Patient Groups & other Healthcare Employers. The Consultation will cover four key sections:

  1. How Revalidation will work: the approach to revalidation
  2. What Doctors & Employers will need to do: aspects of appraisal and assessment
  3. How Patients will be involved: feedback from patients on the performance of doctors
  4. How and when Revalidation will be introduced: plans for implementation across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

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